Get Away

Beyond Reach
Randle Chowning/Larry Lee


R.C.: Everyone in today's world probably has an escape wish from time to time, to put a lot of ground between them and all the junk they have to deal with. This one's about having fun and if you can't get away for real, maybe the song can take you off mentally for awhile. Once again Larry's distinctive vocal style fits perfectly.

L.L.: At first I was concerned that this song might come across as being a bit "lite" when compared with all the other songs. But Randle kept saying maybe we need something "lite" to break things up, so I went along with it and now I'm glad I did. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but there are a lot of people out there working 40+ hours a week, month after month, who I'm sure, will relate. Plus I like the little lyrical turn at the ends of the choruses where it's declared that in truth it doesn't really matter where we get away to, because as long as we're together, "any ol' place will do."

Beyond Reach: Beyond Reach



Take the files and stack ‘em put your work in a drawer
Go get your bags and pack ‘em, I’ll be waitin’ for you at the door
It’s time to take a long weekend, you need to manage your stress
The pressure’s mounting up again, you need a break to go decompress

Come on and let’s get away, book a flight on the next jet plane
Tomorrow we could be down in Cancun but any old place will do

We could go to Las Vegas, or make our way to Key West
Anyplace that can take us far away from this craziness

Come on and let’s get away, book a flight on the next jet plane
To anywhere as long as I’m with you, any old place will do

We could watch sunset in Belize
Take a walk on a moonlit beach
The point is all we really need
Is a little place with some privacy

So come on and let’s get away
Book a flight on the next jet plane
We only need to find a room for two
So any old place should do

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