My Old Band

Beyond Reach
Randle Chowning


R.C.: It's been a pleasant surprise to me how well this song has been received. Larry put in some great production ideas. What once was a bitter memory has now become a sweet one.

L.L.: Talk about "hitting close to home." This one IS "personal", and I have to hand it to Randle for being able to dig deep to pull this out of himself while at the same time doing it in a way where anyone who has ever been in a band or a love relationship can connect to the emotion of something being lost in the past.

Beyond Reach: Beyond Reach


Way back in the Nixon years barely hidden behind beards
We couldn’t change the world or ourselves
And we played harmonicas all across America
We played in Paris and we played hell
We tried to write some answers never singing to the dancers
And right or wrong we took a stand
My old band

They treated us like sacred cows
On the streets of our home town
Everybody wanted to be friends
But so much of what we do depends on the follow through
And true love shouldn’t ever end
Though we went our separate ways
A part of me forever stays
And I still miss ‘em to a man
My old band

We’re still there if you’re radio’s on
On the air with the same old songs
We had the keys in our hands
My old band

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