We Don't Need To Say Goddbye

Beyond Reach
Randle Chowning/Larry Lee


R.C.: This is the Ozark Mountain Daredevil sound. The ultimate cosmic country come on. Larry spent a lot of time making sure all of the solos in the long fade worked together.

L.L.: I really enjoyed singing this one and I kept telling Randle I had this crazy idea about the ending where the song could turn into a strange Aaron Copeland-ish, Appalachian hoedown wrapped up in a modern pop track. Once again, Randle allowed me to go for it and it's that kind of selflessness on his behalf that has made working with him again after so many years such a pleasure.

Beyond Reach: Beyond Reach


There’s a hundred million yesterdays
Tomorrow’s just one night away
One more day for me to reason why
We don’t need to say goodbye

We’ve got a thousand roads to everywhere
But only one will take us there
Just because we can’t decide
We don’t need to say goodbye

The wheel of fortune’s always spinning
Will you take a chance
Some may win while others lose
But love’s a risky dance
I can hear you sayin’ the stakes are way too high
But look what price we’re payin’ if we say goodbye

The world today can be so cold
With no safe place left to go
So won’t you stay here by my side
We don’t need to say goodbye

We could wait for the sun to rise
We could walk out in the light
And take another day to
Let your conscience be your guide
The wheel of fortune’s always spinning
We don’t need to say goodbye
If you let love lead you

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