What I Need Is Your Love

Beyond Reach
Randle Chowning/Larry Lee


R.C.: We re-wrote a song idea I had from the past on this one. I love what Larry brought into it. To me this is totally spiritual.

L.L.: This project with Randle started out to be in essence an R.C. solo record. One day Randle said he thought this song would be a good one for me to sing and as things progressed I ended up singing more songs. Though it was mostly written by Randle, What I Need Is Your Love could have really been penned by me alone because it hits really close to home both musically and lyrically to what I've written in the past.

Beyond Reach: Beyond Reach


I watch the dancin’ shadows
From my chair by the firelight
In a room that’s cold, I’m so alone
It’s that way every night

In the mornin’ I’ll be walkin’
Down a crowded avenue
Just makin’ my way through another day
Where my every thought is you

What I need is your love

I could be given every treasure known to man
And still feel alone like an island
Surrounded by water and sand
Life can serve up so much but never feed my soul
What I hunger for is what mends and makes me whole

What I need is your love

In the soft glow of a candle
Under the silence of the moon
I’ll be waiting there sending a prayer
I hope you’re coming soon

What I need is your love

You know what I’m needing is
Your love now isn’t it

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