Never Ever

Larry Michael Lee



LML – lead vocal / acoustic & electric guitar / keyboards / percussion

RC – acoustic guitar


Ned Wilkinson – bass

David Wilson – fiddle

Tracy and Kerry Cole – background vocals



Looking back before I met you

I never felt a need to question  -  who am I?

Everything revolved around me

There was no one there to make me – wonder why


     Could I see what lay before me?

     Could I see you coming?   -   never ever

     Could I see my future clearly?

     Could I see you with me?  -never ever


I didn’t take the time to focus

Or to turn around to notice – where you were

I was on a road to nowhere

Then like an answer to a last prayer - there you were


     Could I see the point of falling

     Could I see you catch me?  -  never ever

     Could I see my life so different?

     Could I see you change it?   -   never ever


     I was just about to give up

     When I heard a voice say – never ever

     I was on the edge and leaning

     When you brought my back from  -  never ever

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