We’ve been rehearsing for a series of small concerts with Beyond Reach that we’re doing this fall (2016).  We’ve been getting together and playing weekly for the pass six months in the front room at Randle’s house, and it just so happens that Randle now lives just across the street from a place called Phelps Grove Park here in Springfield Missouri.  During these rehearsals I’ve been able to look out through Randle’s large picture window at the park and to watch not only all its wonderful nature, but also a constant parade of joggers jogging, walkers walking and the odd assortment of characters milling about.


It also happens that on a warm summer day way back in the early 1970’s, Phelps Grove Park was the location where a rather motley collection of musicians gathered to have their first group photograph taken. 



So being that Randle and myself were two of those in attendance that day, we thought it would be fun, or at least interesting, to walk over into the park one day during a break in rehearsals to see if we could find that same spot and to take another photograph.


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