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By Gary Scharg

Larry Lee and Randall Chowning were the Lennon/McCartney of OMD back in the 70's. Chowning's work is more cerebral and more about the lyrics. His vocals are similar to Marc Cohn (listen to "You Can't Give Enough"). Lee's work is lighter fare, musically pleasing like Paul, vocals sound like Timothy Schmit, smooth and velvety tenor, makes you think of melting butter. Lee's previous work with the Vinyl Kings (Beatles/Beach Boys sound) proved his versatility and musical talent. These guys are pros and it shows on this release. It seems like most of the West Coast talent from the 70's wound up in Nashville, that's where the musically gifted move on to (Andrew Gold, Michael McDonald, Henry Gross), even if just to work (Richard Marx, Peter Cetera). The current LA scene doesn't seem to value real quality I grew up with anymore, just youth and looks. These guys are probably around 60, but the music just gets better with 100 year old Grand Marnier.


By Old Man

Having heard ex Ozark Mountain Daredevils Larry Lee and Randle Chowning's earlier solo work, I did not know what to expect. Luckily, the Beyond Reach website provided some samples; so I took chance. When Randle joined Larry, who was producing in Nashville, it seems like their goal was to make music that transcended the typically psychedelic hillbilly folk/rock from their younger years.

Beyond Reach is a beautiful album with a variety of musical approaches and some real gems. I guess their sound has evolved. I really enjoyed the slower numbers, and appreciated some well-placed orchestration. The accompanying musicians are awesome as well.


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Surprising and Just Stellar
By Greg Rogers

Being influenced by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and growing up in their locale, I'd been influenced by the music of these two. I was expecting something that I would enjoy, but I wasn't expecting the excellent level of music this album is. Every track has some quality of it's own, and they are an overall great work together. Now this isn't OMD music. What is does do is maintain the quality of music that OMD wasn't really recognized for. It's a very enjoyable album that you can listen to over and over again. I still wonder how music like this doesn't get on the radio...

By Dave Heness

I was so thrilled when I heard these two had made an album together. I expected a very good cd, but instead got an AWSOME cd. I'm not hearing where some reviewers are comparing it to the Daredevils though. Not that it really matters, because there is not a single less-than-stellar track. Invisible Man is a masterpiece. This song should be on the radio for the masses to enjoy


Return of Ozark Mountain Daredevil Founders
By Michael Macdonald

Randle Chowning and Larry Lee were both founder members of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils but some thirty years after the fact they're back as a duo. If you're expecting re-writes of "Country Girl" and 'Jackie Blue" you've come to the wrong hootenanny. This is adult music for the thinking person- rich with varied soundscapes and drawing from the deep well of Americana. Country, Pop, Rock, Folk and R&B. Lyrically profound and musically imaginative Beyond Reach is elevated by the vocals of both Chowning and Lee. Randle's voice has deepened over the years and is informed by both wisdom and blues whereas Larry's vocals have lost none of their sweetness- a sort of aural equivalent of a cloudless day. No cause for hesitation-buy!


Wow..more I hope
By Dabn Kinser

Larry Lee and Randle Chowning, the reason I loved Ozark Mountain Daredevils, are back together and this is one of the best new Cd's I have purchased in along time. I don’t understand why this kind of music isnt being played on radio but there is hope that Satellite radio will play this. Larry Lee and Randle Chowning have matured and the songwriting is awesome, where has Randle been, I know Larry Lee has been in Nashville and now he and Chowning have proved that they should be making music together and hopefully this wont be the last. I cant get enough of Starlight and Broken Strings and House of Blues. Every song grows on me the more I listen. The hand of these two are back on track in music. Thanks guys


Love these guys!!!!!

Always been an Ozark Mountain Daredevil fan. If you are too, you'll love this CD. Randle and Larry continue to produce music that resonate, while the rest of the Dare's seem to be stuck back in the same, albeit still good, 70s music. Every song on this CD is a great song!


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