We want to thank all of you who purchased our BR music over the years and those who have come to our concerts.  We’re sorry to say that there will be no further CD’s or live performances in the future. We kind’a feel that it’s time to close up shop and move on to explore other musical avenues.  With that said, this BR website will be going dark soon.  
If interested, you can continue to follow Randle at his Facebook page and Larry via his website www.larrymichaellee.com
Thanks again for your generous support.


This past year we've played our music for some wonderful people and in some very special places.  And it was only fitting that we should close out 2017 here on the banks of the Missouri River with Doug Elley and room full of gracious fans at the Lupus General Store.


Thanks for listening,

Larry / Randle / David

                                      (Larry Michael Lee - Randle Chowning - David Wilson)


Our "Fall 2016 Concerts" were such fun and widely attended, that we're planning to continue on with more concerts into 2017.  As dates fill in we'll be posting them on our "Calendar" link.  We're very much looking forward to playing our music for both new and old fans as 2017 progresses.


Also, we will be recording a new Beyond Reach CD over the winter months, so be watching for that too.






Founding Ozark Mountain Daredevil members, Randle Chowning and Larry Michael Lee, along with multi-instrumentalist, David Wilson are announcing plans for a series of small venue/house concerts. They will be performing September, October and November of 2016.


See Calendar for dates


For booking information contact, Jaynie Chowning at jaynieandrandle@gmail.com.

Hey there everybody, Randle could use your help.  He has a new solo CD in the works and is using crowd sourcing to fund its making.  So that’s where you come in.  If you’d take the time to follow this link




and would be willing to throw in some dollars and also spread the word to family and friends, he’d greatly appreciate your support.


Randle’s CD funding campaign only last until Jan. 1st 2015, so the clock is ticking.  Lend a helping hand, and the least you’ll receive will be a copy of “Ozark Joe".  The more you pledge, the more  “goodies” you’ll receive. 

We’ve just added a new Music Player which is a mobile-friendly music player that you can either listen to ALL our music on our homepage or your can “share” the Music Player with friends across your social media platforms.  Give it a try and let us know what you think….

You’ll also find new postings of Beyond Reach live concert videos under the “Music/Video” dropdown header.  Most all of them are HD quality, so if your computer can handle it, click on the “Settings” tab and bump it up 720 or higher.

 Also, a big thank you to everyone whose purchased our new CD “Further”.  Maybe there’ll be more to come……

Like this guy, we know you've been out there patiently listening to the void.

Now finally comes  "Further", a new CD from Beyond Reach which will be release on April 5th, 2014. 


"It's been a long time in the making, with many starts and stops due to life's twist and turns.  We hope you'll find it worth the wait." RC/LML

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